Burgers & Fries – Your Classic Cravings!

Life’s busy just like us. With such a fast paced life, a meal has to be fast, tasty and quick to eat.

Knowing what we crave, a lot of new eateries opening in Karachi have started concentrating of providing customers with such items that satisfy our cravings. Fire Burger is one of these eateries. Launched on the 12th of October, Fire Burger is, as the name suggests a burger joint. Situated at the start of Tipu Sultan, it is a medium sized place, with a vibrant orange color scheme that gives it an almost Halloween feel.

Being short of time, and the constant hungry people that we are, we immediately set our minds on ordering food. Fire Burger’s menu may not have too much variety like other cafes but what I liked was their mix of beef and chicken burgers. Fire seems to be their very consistent theme, as the burger patties were topped with their own fire sauce. Now I’m pretty finicky about burgers, as they are either too dry or then the patties very bland. But their Chicken and beef burger patties were so succulent and topped with a zesty fire sauce that left us craving more!


And let’s not forget that gorgeous plate of fries! Just look at it and tell me you are not tempted…You can’t, can you?



Wavy and cooked perfectly, these fries were drizzled with warm melted cheese that when eaten hot, could have easily served to make your cravings end. Along with these, Fire Burger also offers shakes and desserts to make it a complete meal that is easy on the tummy, pockets and our dissonant mind.



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